STEM Center of Excellence, Inc.

STEM Center of Excellence, Inc.



About Us

Develop STEM (Science Technology Engineering, Math) programming through community STEM Centers (STEM Gyms) that leads to engaging more students in STEM Education.

We envision a Greater Baltimore where every community has its own STEM Gym that brings students and employers together to close the STEM Job Gaps. By 2028, Greater Baltimore can become a technology resource hub for America, overflowing with talent previously unreachable; the STEM GEMS.

We look to partner with local businesses to provide the coaching and mentoring of the STEM Gems in a way that is beneficial to the student and employer simply because of the cooperative and collaborative programming in our STEM Gyms.

In joint collaboration with community service organizations who have a similar passion to advance STEM education and employment for students K-20, we will create a sustainable STEM Eco-system in Maryland.


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